Daisy Escalante Testimony given on Aug-25-2017 – Trumpets and Judgement – I

(English subtitles)
Trumpets and Judgement – I

Important Fasting for the 22 of September of 2017 !!!

English translation from audio (someone helped me with this):
The 25th of August 2017 the Lord gave me some words where he makes an urgent call to holiness and consecration. He told me. My people are rebellious, they boast saying: The Lord will not do good nor bad. Soon they will see there is a jealous God, that visits the wickedness and repays each one. He continued saying. Thus saith the Lord, you knew my paths and my commandments; yet your heart went after other gods.

If you do not return to the ancient paths you will be ashamed and destroyed, but if you return you shall obtain mercy. Then he formulated some questions. Where are my people who claim to love me? Where is the holiness I desire? Where is the testimony? He continued saying, I am Jehova and do not change, and if I do not dwell in your heart, how can there be real change? Soon, very soon, world chaos will increase, and only the seekers of real truth shall escape. Then he himself formulated this question.

What is real truth? And I heard when he himself answered: search for me with all your heart and you will find me. Release everything that hinders, seek me, put me in first place and I shall guide you. Honor my commandments and do not denigrate my Sabbaths. Praise me in sanctity without a mixture of celebration. Stand aside from ecumenism and do not touch the unclean. Depart from matriarchy it is paganism, strange fire before me said the Eternal. Stand aside from raving about sex, for it is abomination to me.

Depart to my sanctuaries and seek me with clean hands so that I the Eternal can sanctify you. Then I asked him, my God, my Lord, which are your sanctuaries in this earth, for everything is corrupt. Then he answered, make me a sanctuary inside of you, go to the mountains so that I may correct you and educate you in holiness. He continued saying, these, the mountains, have been since always a true refuge to my true children since always. Tell them to banish the accursed things from their lives.

To seek my face so that I may purify them. Soon there will come much peerless tribulation and I will be unable to help those who did not desire me. Raise up my commandments in your lives. Raise up the truth of the sanctuary. Raise up justification by faith. Raise up the health message in your lives. Raise up the three angels message he continued saying. Let them stop talking and start doing. Tell my true people, he told me, that I am calling them to holiness.

Declare fasting and prayer, for my people have departed from true preparation. And he would repeat, with an already craked voice, seek me, seek me and thou shalt live. The final test is soon to come and who by their own strength will keep standing? He would say. Will they, by their own strength, be able to withstand? From where will aid come? He continued saying. Fatuous and lacking understanding. Could it be that you will call me in your desperation and I should help you if I don’t know you?

Seek me and you will live he would repeat. Youth, he continued saying, decide to seek me and you will live or reject me and perish. Adults, what good is all your eagerness if all this will pass. To the elderly he said. Lift up holy hands to me and neither of you touch the unclean. I have as accursed things that which you hold as holy. It is an abomination to my face and I shall tolerate it no more. Of what value will all your eagerness in this world be, for right now it will pass he asked.

Soon, soon, very soon he continued saying, terror will cover and every human effort for possessions will cease. My people, it is time to decide, seek me and you will live he continued saying, and you shall find peace and rest in me. From whence cometh thy help he would ask. I God do not change. I long to gather you like the hen under my wings, but you were unwilling. Is it not mine the earth and the fulness thereof he asked. Do I not govern the universe?

Then why do you discard my council, and despise my commandments, ordinances, and statutes? Why do you follow the adversary and run to fatal death. Is there no God in Israel that you go after mammon? Perhaps you are not afraid and trust in your pleasures and delights? I do not alter nor change my mind. And everything previously written runs fulfilled he continued saying. They who advice you shall perish with you.

They induce you to wrong and you follow them, he said. Ravening wolves inside the flock, that claim to be keepers of others but only look after themselves. Awaken my people, he said, follow only your God. Live in my presence so that you may live. Then he began to ask other questions. Will they be able to save you from the coming destruction? Do they not themselves need a savior? Are they not mortals like you? Liveth the Lord that I shall only recognize those who recognize me and only them shall I be able to free.

Then he cited Jeremiah 4:20. After which he continued saying. Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him and will sup with him, and he with me. He continued saying, the wise shall understand. Then he made a pause, then with a sweet voice, unhurried voice,he told me. Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life. And I, already awake, as I meditated on all this.

This situation that had happened. I heard a voice that said: World wide day of fasting and prayer. September 22nd, 2017. Please tell them, that I declare September 22, 2017 day of fasting and prayer world wide. After that I heard no more. And I could feel inside of me that this was urgent. I only know beloved brethren, I don’t know what September 22, 2017 means, but the only thing I can faithfully share is what by grace I have received. May God Almighty help us be victorious in him. This is my desire and prayer. May God bless you.


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