New Moon (Luna nueva) & Calendars sites for research

Biblical new moon (First Visible Sliver/ primera astilla visible)

Research sites (sitios para investigación) :

Moon Phases Calendar

Calendar Calculations

The New Moon in the Hebrew Bible

Karaite Reckoning vs. Rabbanite Reckoning Was October 22 the Right Date, or Was It September 23? by Bob Pickle

Expected New Moons and Appointed Times for 2020

When Is The New Moon – Monthly New Moon Updates and Sightings From Israel

Devorah’s Date Tree (FB)

Jewish holiday calendars & Hebrew date converter

Different method  (The following is from the pdf file):

Detailed explanation of this Calendar:
This calendar originated because the modern calendar of Judaism, (the “current (authorized) Hebrew calendar” or what we often refer to as the “traditional Hebrew calendar”, “traditional rabbinic calendar”, or “modern Jewish calendar”), is so clearly wrong. Just how the current Hebrew calendar is wrong will be addressed shortly. However, we recognize that no individual or group has any responsibility or authority for the “authorized Hebrew calendar”, so we recognize this calendar has no authority, and as such, we do not, and have never expected, demanded, requested or required that anyone follow this calendar! So, you may wish to ask: “Without authority, why do you advocate this calendar?” It is a fair question we hope to answer herein.

Final thought – maybe God wants us to see (research) it watching in the sky.

Pensamiento final: tal vez Dios quiere que lo veamos (investiguemos) mirando en el cielo.

Links to sites is only for your research, not to establish anything.

Enlaces a sitios es solo para su investigación, no para establecer nada.

Artículos y/o plantas medicinales de preparación

Sazonador italiano

Echinacea And Goldenseal

Vitamin C

Himalayan Pink Salt

Activated Charcoal

Indian Healing Clay

Epsom Salt

Wellness Formula – Herbal Defense Complex

Cisterna de agua salada

Sal para piscinas

Filtro casero de sedimento

Medidor de salinidad

Árbol de malagueta

Orégano de olor

 Otra variedad de orégano de olor


Panacea para dolores y fiebre


Ajenjo o Artemisa

Limoncillo o zacate de limón


Mascarilla p100 (3M)

A este tipo de mascarilla se le puede adaptar un filtro de algodón y carbón.
Es más económica que las anteriores y tiene el plástico de seguridad interno para estar bien pegada a la cara.